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Hunter x Hunter Episode 11 English Dubbed

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As the 10th and final episode of the anime series “Hunter x Hunter” begins, we are treated to aReturn of the King-style prologue. This introduction sets up the tone for the remainder of the anime, as we see our main characters back together and begin their journey anew.

The opening prologue is action-packed and provides a lot of backstory on our main characters, as well as introducing us to their new allies. It also sets up some expectations for what comes next in this anime. We learn that Gon and his friends have been fighting a war against an alien race for years now, and that things are about to get more dangerous.

Overall, I thought the prologue was very well done and gave a good overview of what is going on in the show. I was looking forward to more of it throughout the rest of the anime.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 11 English Dubbed

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