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Hunter x Hunter Episode 13 English Dubbed

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Episode 13 of the Hunters x Hunter anime series has finally arrived online in English Dubbed form. The episode is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.
The episode starts with Gon and his friends, Killua and Leorio, going on a hunt to find a monster. They find a giant snake, but Killua gets it before Gon can kill it. They continue to search for the monster and eventually find it. However, they are then forced to fight against it. The battle is brutal and after a long time of fighting, they finally kill the monster. After the fight, they return to their camp where they must rest.
After resting, Gon and his friends resume their hunt for the monster that killed their father. They eventually find it and kill it as well. They return home to their devastated mother who begs them not to go out into the world again. After learning about his father’s death, Gon comes to terms with his aspirations to become a Hunter and makes a vow to himself that he will never let anyone die in order to achieve this goal.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 13 English Dubbed

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