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Hunter x Hunter Episode 137 English Dubbed

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In Episode 137 of the anime series “Hunter x Hunter,” the group faces off against the powerful X- spoilers. The episode begins with Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paladiknight being brought in for questioning.
After a short while, Gon is able to free himself from his restraints and allows everyone to leave. He then proceeds to interrogate Killua, who reveals that he has been working on a virus that can destroy humans. He also mentions that he plans on releasing it in order to create an unstoppable force that will wiping out all of humanity.
Gon then orders Killua to be taken into custody and interrogates him further about the virus. Killua finally reveals that it was created by his father, who had been working on it for years before disappearing without a trace. Gon is then able to piece together what happened and orders Killua to be killed as a result.

Later in the episode, Gon and Leorio face off against an enormous X- spoilers. While they are fighting, Gon is injured and needs medical attention; however, Leorio tries his best to help him despite knowing full well how dangerous it could be for him. In the end, Gon is able to defeat the X- spoilers and returns to health.

Overall, Episode 137 of “Hunter x Hunter” was a very action-packed episode with some great revelations about the characters and their motivations behind their actions.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 137 English Dubbed

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