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Hunter x Hunter Episode 146 English Dubbed

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Episode 146 of the popular Hunter x Hunter anime aired on January 12th and 13th, 2019 and it was a great episode!

The episode began with Gon and his friends looking for Ging. They found him outside of a restaurant, but Ging was already fighting a monster. Gon decided to help Ging, and the two of them defeated the monster together. Ging then told Gon he was going to become a Hunter. Gon was excited, but he knew there were many risks involved.

Gon then went into the Hunter Examination, which was very risky. He knew that if he did well, he would be able to find Ging and protect him from the other Hunters. However, Gon did well and became one of the best Hunters in history. He then helped his friends fight against all sorts of monsters in order to protect them from those who would want to harm them. The episode ended with everyone getting back to their homes.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 146 English Dubbed

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