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Hunter x Hunter Episode 20 English Dubbed

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Episode 20 of the 2012 anime series, Hunter x Hunter, aired on January 10th and was originally released in Japan on January 6th. The episode follows the battle between Gon and Killua Zoldyck with a new villain, Armin Shimomura.

The English dub of Episode 20 is overall much better than the Japanese version. There are quite a few jokes that were missed in the Japanese version, and some of the lines were also translated poorly. However, overall the English dub does a much better job of portraying the characters and their dialogue. The voice acting is also generally more accurate than in the Japanese version.

Overall, I thought that the English dub ofEpisode 20 was a decent improvement over the Japanese version. It has its own set of problems, but overall it does a better job than the Japanese version did.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 20 English Dubbed

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